Friday, September 2, 2011

Packing for University

I've almost finished packing for university! I'm off to the University of Western Ontario in 2 days and was instructed to pack "a shopping cart" size amount...

... As you can see, I've definitely exceeded my shopping cart!

Although I'm not a big fan of packing, it's something you have to do so often in life that you have to build your packing skills sometime or another. 

If you're packing for University or College, you MUST check out this list (it's how I survived packing):

Most of my storage items were bought at Walmart - you don't really need to go all-out at IKEA or Home Sense for your first year in residence. Something I did invest in, however, was my beautiful comforter :) With an all-white room, I wanted a big splash of color, and found it at Bouclair! It's called "Frenzy" and is my absolute favorite item I've packed so far! 

I'd love to hear your packing stories and how you've managed to deal with packing for your post-secondary experience! Comment below and share :) 

scent full of love,
Jordyn xoxo

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