Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whoopie! It's Summer Sale Time!

Whoopie! This cream is absolutely perfect for you!  It's heavenly aroma of layer cake and white velvet cream is entrancing at the beach, leaving you irresistibly yummy all day long. The supple shea butter, Vitamin E, Aloe, Jojoba and Soybean oils calms even the severest of dry skin and helps calm sunburns too. This expertly made cream helps improve elasticity and allows you to stop worrying about dryness this summer, and be confident at the beach! 

We beach-lovers at SP Beauty Boutique want you to stay smooth all summer long, without worry, so we're giving you 20% off your order of FarmHouse Fresh's award-winning Whoopie! Cream today. This will last you through all the days of summer (even those especially dry days) and let you RELAX & bask in the beauty of your nourished skin! 

What more could you ask for? Simply go to SP Beauty Boutique and buy your amazing jarful of joy now at your special low price for a worry-free, relaxing summer!

scent full of love,
Jordyn xoxo

"I think I deserve something beautiful"

-Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Get Soft Summer Skin

When heading out for a day at the beach, I prepare with a hot shower. Then, after rinsing, I rub down in a generous amount of expeller pressed coconut oil. The heat makes for quick absorption and the rich oil keeps my skin moisturized through a few dips in the waves.


Between the chlorine and pool pavement, what once were softly-pedicured feet can emerge dry and chapped. After a swim, I replenish my feet with a body butter wrap. I first slather on my favorite body butter cream, and then cover each foot in plastic food wrap and a hot soaked towel. In the time it takes to read my latest mag cover to cover, my feet have returned to their previous suppleness.


Nothing looks better below a summer party mini-dress than stems with a subtle sheen. After initially moisturizing with a rich body lotion, I gloss up my legs with a gentle spray aerosol oil sheen hair spray—this trick is far less messy than a liquid oil and just as effective!

Beauty Tips for the Beach: Just Can't Get Enough

Don’t forget your face
Sun protection is no longer “optional”! Choose a lightweight formula (preferably one that also comes in a mini travel-size option), and be sure to protect your lips, too. The ultra-moisturizing lip butters by Cake Beauty are formulated with shea butter (known for its regenerative & protective qualities that provide extra sun protection) AND pure coconut oil (nourishes & softens, helps prevent premature aging). They also give lips a refreshing pop of colour! For your arms and legs, skip the tanning bed — seriously, not healthy. Instead, exfoliate and spray on that self-tanner! 
Hair gone good
Beach days can really do a number on your mane - sand, salt & sun? Fun times for the strands. Large brim hats are popular this summer, so pick one up and protect your hair & face at the same time! When you dip in for a swim, pull your hair back in a fishtail braid to avoid knots and extra damage, and also add to that flowy breezy beach look. Sprinkle on some Principessa Dry Shampoo before you hit the sun to stay fresh all day long. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Why is "paraben-free" so important?

I found this site very useful in understanding the debate over paraben-free products. It’s a big concern in our society right now, so read up beauty product lovers!

We Tumble Too.

For all you beauty product lovers, and those currently coveting anything beauty-full - this announcement is important! SP's Scent Daily is also available on the Tumblr stream. We actually recommend following us on there as Blogger is our second means of communication. 

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Currently Coveting: FHF's Sweet Cream Body Milk

Is this not the coolest thing you’ve ever seen? Not only is it beautiful, FHF’s Sweet Cream Body Milk is also extremely delicious (as in it’s smell - I wish I could eat it!). This is one of our newer products that I absolutely adore!

Steal Celebrities' Beauty Secrets

Celebrities’ Beauty Secret No. 1: Fake hair
Most stars don’t want you to know this, but a ton of them use hair extensions to get longer, thicker hair. So if you’re trying to copy a celebrity’s hairstyle and you’re just not getting the same full results, it’s probably because they added in a few hairpieces. Try clip in extensions for the same effect. 

Celebrities’ Beauty Secret No. 2: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
Moisturized skin looks softer, plumper and has a glow. Dry skin shows fine lines and makes you look older. That’s why celebrities chug water like it’s going out of style and eat plenty of water-rich foods like fruits, veggies and clear soups. That plus plenty of moisturizer and hydrating serums will give you the same glow. And if you need to fake it until you get there, try a highlighting product on your cheekbones, temples and brow bone. 

Celebrities’ Beauty Secret No. 3: Makeup that lasts
When you’re famous, you’re getting photographed constantly, so your makeup has to look good 24/7. To keep things like blush and lipstick from fading, celebrity makeup artists use a layering method. On cheeks they’ll start with a cheek stain, then layer cream or powder blush over it and set it all with a translucent powder when the face is done. For lips they’ll also start with a stain, then use lip liner, then lipstick, then gloss if needed. This way, when one layer fades there’s something underneath it — so you always look good in photos. 

Celebrities’ Beauty Secret No. 4: Get mascara-ad lashes
There are two ways to do this. One, you can apply false eyelashes for major drama (lots of celebrities use this secret on the red carpet). Or, if you want a more natural look, but still with plenty of glamour, try using a fan brush to apply mascara. This brush lets you get into the roots of your eyelashes and paint each lash with product, so you get long, thick and defined lashes. 

Celebrities’ Beauty Secret No. 5: Take a better photo
Sure, celebrities look thin because they diet and exercise constantly, but they also know the secret to standing and posing for the camera so they look their absolute best. Here’s how you can copy them: Don’t stand with your body aimed straight at the camera, instead go for a 3/4 turn and put one foot slightly in front of the other. Also, put your hand on your hip to make both your torso and arms look thinner.