Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whoopie! It's Summer Sale Time!

Whoopie! This cream is absolutely perfect for you!  It's heavenly aroma of layer cake and white velvet cream is entrancing at the beach, leaving you irresistibly yummy all day long. The supple shea butter, Vitamin E, Aloe, Jojoba and Soybean oils calms even the severest of dry skin and helps calm sunburns too. This expertly made cream helps improve elasticity and allows you to stop worrying about dryness this summer, and be confident at the beach! 

We beach-lovers at SP Beauty Boutique want you to stay smooth all summer long, without worry, so we're giving you 20% off your order of FarmHouse Fresh's award-winning Whoopie! Cream today. This will last you through all the days of summer (even those especially dry days) and let you RELAX & bask in the beauty of your nourished skin! 

What more could you ask for? Simply go to SP Beauty Boutique and buy your amazing jarful of joy now at your special low price for a worry-free, relaxing summer!

scent full of love,
Jordyn xoxo

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