Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beauty Tips for the Beach: Just Can't Get Enough

Don’t forget your face
Sun protection is no longer “optional”! Choose a lightweight formula (preferably one that also comes in a mini travel-size option), and be sure to protect your lips, too. The ultra-moisturizing lip butters by Cake Beauty are formulated with shea butter (known for its regenerative & protective qualities that provide extra sun protection) AND pure coconut oil (nourishes & softens, helps prevent premature aging). They also give lips a refreshing pop of colour! For your arms and legs, skip the tanning bed — seriously, not healthy. Instead, exfoliate and spray on that self-tanner! 
Hair gone good
Beach days can really do a number on your mane - sand, salt & sun? Fun times for the strands. Large brim hats are popular this summer, so pick one up and protect your hair & face at the same time! When you dip in for a swim, pull your hair back in a fishtail braid to avoid knots and extra damage, and also add to that flowy breezy beach look. Sprinkle on some Principessa Dry Shampoo before you hit the sun to stay fresh all day long. 

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