Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Get Soft Summer Skin

When heading out for a day at the beach, I prepare with a hot shower. Then, after rinsing, I rub down in a generous amount of expeller pressed coconut oil. The heat makes for quick absorption and the rich oil keeps my skin moisturized through a few dips in the waves.


Between the chlorine and pool pavement, what once were softly-pedicured feet can emerge dry and chapped. After a swim, I replenish my feet with a body butter wrap. I first slather on my favorite body butter cream, and then cover each foot in plastic food wrap and a hot soaked towel. In the time it takes to read my latest mag cover to cover, my feet have returned to their previous suppleness.


Nothing looks better below a summer party mini-dress than stems with a subtle sheen. After initially moisturizing with a rich body lotion, I gloss up my legs with a gentle spray aerosol oil sheen hair spray—this trick is far less messy than a liquid oil and just as effective!
(Source: beautylish.com)

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