Monday, July 18, 2011

Skin Tips: Benefits of Agave Nectar

What is Agave Nectar?
Agave Nectar comes from the Agave plant, best recognized as the plant from which tequila is made. At first glimpse, the plant looks uninviting with its razor sharp leaves protruding from all angles. Nobody would even imagine the greatness that lies beneath that harsh exterior... the greatness that is agave's nectar.

The ancient Aztecs prized the agave as a gift from the gods and used the liquid from its core to flavor foods and drinks. Now, due to the increasing awareness of agave nectar's many beneficial properties, it is becoming the preferred sweetener of health conscious consumers, doctors, and natural foods cooks... as well as the preferred ingredient in many skin care products.

What are the Benefits of Agave Nectar?
 Blue agave nectar was used by the Aztecs in Mexico for hundreds of years as a folk remedy to cure many types of skin conditions and wounds. Recent researchers also agree that Agave has abundant remedial potential. If applied on the skin surface, Agave nectar is found to provide relief from pus producing bacteria such as Staph aureus. When salt gets added to Agave nectar, its anti-microbial property gets even further boosted!  Agave nectar is also known for its anti-aging properties. 

What are the best Agave products to use right now?
We've scoured the beauty shelves and online stores throughout North America, and have found the two best Agave products: Agave Nectar Body Oil by FarmHouse Fresh Goods and the Agave Soy Candle by Archipelago Botanicals. Both infused with Agave plant extracts, yet both with different and fascinating purposes. 

A powerful anti-aging/massage oil, rich with extracts. This light body oil is infused with Agave plant extracts, Sandalwood, Barley and Amurense Bark – a combination that has been proven to significantly improve skin’s trans epidermal water loss, resulting in a hydrated, plumper, less wrinkled appearance. The mild milk and oat scent is so mild, yet sweet and scrumptious.

What we love the most is that this product contains NO Parabens, SLS, or Mineral Oil that would otherwise conflict with the extremely beneficial properties of the agave nectar. 

This hand-poured Agave soy candle contains more than 70% natural soy wax which burns longer and cleaner than regular candles. Approximate burn time- 90 hours! Another important point to note is the mixture of agave extracts with the natural soy ingredient, ensuring there is no conflict with the agave's soothing aromatherapy properties. We found this beautiful Agave product by recommendation of GQ magazine, a source we trust and love.  


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