Thursday, May 9, 2013

Why Vacations are Important for Your Beauty

My family went to Florida in February for a vacation. It gave us all time to clear our heads (and our skin) and just relax.

In Celebration Town, FL
How can you not relax when it's so beautiful outside? Florida is such an amazing place. If you live there, you know it! You are some lucky ducks! 

Recognize Patterns and Habits
While we were there, it got me thinking that very few people have this kind of opportunity. To just relax, and reflect on what your life is right now. 

By reflecting, you give yourself the opportunity to recognize patterns in your life that are helping you or holding you back from being an AMAZING person (beauty on the inside). 

On this vacation, I realized through reflection that my life was too stressful. I wasn't taking time for myself and was putting school work and work work ahead of my personal health. What helped me realize this was the 2 day detox I experienced once I finally let myself sleep until I was fully rested. 

Eat Healthy, Eat Well
In addition to relaxing by the pool, we ate some really tasty food! We stayed in Vero Beach, so most of the seafood was super fresh and super delicious.

This is a whole other blog post on its own, but eating healthy is vital to staying healthy and naturally beautiful.

On a Daily Basis
If your next vacation is a ways away, think of ways to have "mini-vacations" on a daily basis. This can include meditation or just taking a few deep breaths everyday. It's important for your inner and outer beauty. 

What About You?
What do vacations help you with? I use them for reflection and revitalization. What do you use them for? 

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