Thursday, August 11, 2011

Letters From Strangers Project

The newest addition to my To-Do List and quite the inspirational and hopefully world-changing project... "Letters From Strangers." I found this social experiment while doing my daily browsing of beauty blogs, and may I just say that this is the most beautiful thing I've found in too long. 

What is Letters From Strangers?
"Letters from Strangers is an exchange of words, a social experiment, and community art project aiming to connect human beings from around the world. You send me an anonymous letter written to a stranger and a self addressed envelope. I repackage your letter and send it off to another stranger. Then I send a random letter from a stranger to you." - Katie, owner of Letters From Strangers

Some Letters We've Seen...

If you want to send your own letter, address your thoughtful letter to: 

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  1. Hey, I was tracking my traffic and found your post. :) Thanks so much for featuring me. I added your blog to Stumble Upon, too.